Maria Zimina

"I love oil painting, graphics. I am also an Art Teacher. I was born and raised in Moscow, but St-Petersburg became the love of my life. I want to change the common knowledge about St-Pete as dark and gloomy city. In summer it's full of colors - river boats, sun blinking in the river, many nicely dressed and happy people walking outside. In winter it's monumental beauty is even brighter with the snow in the background. I do lots of city painitngs, landscapes and flowers. A modern persona has a very limited time to stop running and enjoy the beauty of the world. As an artists I feel it's my mission to brijng this beauty into people's everyday life. The key aspect of my art is the mood and I am happy to share it with you."

Maria Zimina was born in 1979 in Moscow, Russia. Graduated in 1995 from Art School named after Serov. She currently lives and works in St-Petersburg, Russia.

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