Kateryna Rodivylova

Born in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1980. Studied at the Art Institute at the faculty of interior design. Therefore, her paintings are interior. In painting lessons, she didn’t manage to use watercolor, gouache and acrylic correctly and beautifully. So the teacher showed her the collage technique using colored paper. Her first art created at the institute using colored paper, was shown to many students as an example of the collage technique. She was very proud of the art work. Later, she began to experiment with paper from magazines, since there were a lot of them at home and she saw a huge number of colors and shades that can be used in creating paintings. Overtime, the collage technique changed to paper mosaic technique. Due to the fact that the pieces of paper have become small, the paintings look more realistic and some people dont understand at first glance that this is not acrylic or oil.

Artist statement:
“I create all my paintings in a positive mood only.  Therefore, my paintings carry positive energy.  Fortunately, I travel a lot to different countries and cities around the world.  I get inspired by beautiful places and absorb the energy of these places.  All this I put in my art”

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