Elena Gidrevich

Elena Gidrevich was born in 1980 in Russian Siberia, city of Bratsk. In 2001 joined Art school in Irkutsk. Got "special talent" scholarship. While stufying was actively participating in local annual art exhibitions. In 2003 had her first personal exchibition in Irkutsk. Upon completion of her studies moved to St-Petersburg, Russia, where continued to acquire additional skills and techniques. In 2016-2017 had a few personal exhibitions in St-Petersburg, Russia.

“In my mind the world is what it is on one hand and what I want to know about it, on the other. These two things sometimes match and sometimes they don’t. It’s like a snakes ьфештп dancу, they get together and then they get apart. When you look at it you make take it as a deadly combination. But it’s not. It’s attraction of two different elements, it’s co-dependance and inevitable future offspring”

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