Dragan Bogdan

LA and Miami based European Contemporary Artist Dragan Bogdan, was born in former Yugoslavia in the city of Sarajevo. In 1992, when Dragan was 8 years old, one of the most gruesome wars in modern history broke out. Dragan and most of his family escaped in the last bus that left Sarajevo while his father got captured and was forced to fight the longest siege on a city the world has witnessed. As that bus was leaving, Dragan recalls waving goodbye to his father while gunfire was striking the bus, not knowing if they would ever see each other again.

While growing up in Germany as a war refugee,  Dragan vividly remembers watching animal shows, while daily listening to the local radio station from Sarajevo — where the narrator would read off a list of people that were killed in the war that day — to find out whether or not his father was still alive.  


The traumatic events from his past have planted strong character seeds in his journey through life, which now portrays itself through powerful animal art. 

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