Mihajlo Petrovic

Mihajlo Petrovic (born in 1965) graduated ceramics design in 1994, at the prestigious “Instituto Statale d’Arte" per la Ceramica in Faenza, Italy. He is professional artist since 1996. He was president of the Association of the Artists in Serbia from 2009 - 2013. Mihajlo had more than 50 exhibitions both in Serbia and abroad.

With his wife Marica, also an artist, he established an atelier for ceramics 25 years ago in old Belgrade. Mihajlo had received many prestigious awards and accolades. Lately, he dedicated his professional efforts to educating the youth in the beauties of the ceramics and 3D art in general. “…I was so excited to have been invited by the Passionfruit Art Gallery of Naples to present my work. I am delighted to be able to bring some of my creations to beautiful Naples and its residents…”

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