Larysa Rushchak

“I started to paint, when I was looking for a way to relax. For many years I have been in an international career as HR executive, and for me it meant a 24/7 psychological engagement. My therapist insisted on some type of meditation for me to keep sanity. The only way for me to relax turned to be around painting. And I was completely humbled and amazed when during my previous posting in Amsterdam people started to ask for my paintings and were even ready to pay for them 🤩 I am smart and humble enough to realize that it is not at all about the mastery, but more about the mood, the colors and the emotional details. What facinates me personally the most is how those change in the paintings with the different lighting and in different interiors."

Larysa Rushchak (born in 1975) is originally from Kyiv, Ukraine. She lived and worked in 5 countries and now resides in West NY, NJ.

“I am sincerely honored that Passionfruit gallery invited me to contribute. Sincere wishes of every success to the gallery and its’ customers. If you like and buy my paintings, you may be also interested to know that all of my profits from the paintings go to charity.”

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