Anastassia Loukachevitch

Anastassia Loukachevitch began her artistic path when she was 6 years old attending a specialized school studying figurative arts for 8 years in Minsk (Belarus). As soon as she moved to Italy, she continued her studies attending a textile high school with a specialization in drawing on fabrics. Then, she took a Bachelor in Business Administration and Economics and undertook a managerial career and she got away from the art environment for many years. The art has always been a part of her. Passions can be hidden but never suffocated and for this reason she returns to create and paint again.

Anastassia’s art is pure, coherent with her character and is the more sincere form of representation of her emotions, thoughts and life experience. It combines abstractionism and figurative art, to create unique works of their kind. Her emotions are represented through the use of bright colors, often present in her works. Each work is different from the other one and has a very specific meaning.

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